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Attendees: Jack, Phil, Gary M, Sue

Called to order: 12:05PM

Minutes from Jul 10, 2021 meeting read and approved.

Treasurer’s report (attached) read and approved.


Old Business

No old business


New Business:

Motion: Gary made a motion to disband the club and either give the assets to the NMRPC, or sell the assets and disperse them among the current members. There was no second. There was a discussion:

Phil – according to by-laws, two thirds of all members must agree to disband, and the assets are distributed to the club members.

Gary - He amended the motion to put the disbanding of the club to a vote of the members. There was not a second, so no action required.

Jack – the process to disband  is lengthy. All members must be contact and a ballot sent out. The ballots have to be opened in the presences of the president, secretary, and one witness. This process could not be completed by the end of the year

All – we discussed the asset, which include two trailers, three metal crates, a laptop and printer, and a Unicom antenna, plus the balance in the bank account.

Phil – Asked why Gary wanted to disband the club, but Gary did not provide a conclusive reason. The club is expected to continue for some time to come. Phil also said that he had the best time flying YB this year with all birds coming out of his loft.

Motion: Phil moved that to be a member of NWFRPC, the AU dues must be paid through the club. We’re a small club and we need all the AU members so that we can get the benefits that AU provides. Seconded by Sue. Approved.

Election of Officers: Phil moved that we continue next year with the same slate. Sue seconded. Approved. Officers for 2022 will be

                Jack Babcock – President

                Lawrence Lucero – Vice President

                Sue Babcock – Treasurer and Secretary

                Phil Wilson – Race Secretary


AU Bands: The club purchased 400 bands for 2022. Tim Brake wants 100 of them. Phil wants 100 of them (band numbers 1 to 100). Question arouse regarding how much to charge for bands.

Motion:  Phil moved to sell the AU bands for $0.85 each. Sue seconded. Approved


Old Bird Schedule: Phil would like to wait until next meeting to set up OB schedule so we have a better idea of who is flying.


Meeting Adjourned at 12:45PM