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Attendees: Jack, Phil, Gary M, Mario, Sue, David Yates

Called to order: 12:04PM

Minutes from Jan 30, 2021 meeting read and approved.

Treasurer’s report (attached) read and approved.


Old Business

No old business


New Business:

Discussed Phil’s email that invited other flyer to join NWFRPC


  1. he objected to new members not having to pay dues
  2. he objected to new members having an immediate vote on races. AU Rules state that new members cannot vote on race direction
  3. he objected to a free race fee if the race fee was coming out of the club treasury.

Phil:  Responded to Gary’s comments

  1. Dues – there is nothing in the bylaws that says whether or not members who join late in the year must pay dues
  2. NWFRPC only flies one direction, so new members would not be affecting the direction of the races. He felt AU would support us if we allowed new members to vote on race schedule.
  3. Race fee – there was nothing in the email sent by Phil regarding the use of club funds for the race fee.

Dave: Stated that he interpreted the letter to be a good-faith effort to bring in more members

No motion or action required

Discussed future of NWFRPC: The club is expected to continue for some time to come.

YB Race Schedule: The schedule below was voted in





Oct 9, 2021



Oct 16, 2021



Oct 23, 2021


Angel Peak

Oct 30, 2021


Green River

Nov 6, 2021




Gary Alexander: Gary A would like to be reinstated into the club. Motion made by Jack to accept him as a member. Sue seconded. Approved.


Meeting Adjourned at 1:03PM