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Amended March 19, 2016


The undersigned, a majority of whom are citizens of the United States, desiring to form a Non-Profit Corporation under the Non-Profit Corporation Law of the State of New Mexico, do hereby certify the following:


The name of this organization is the North West Flyers Racing Pigeon Club, located in the greater Albuquerque area. Known here after as NWFRPC. The NWFRPC is a not for profit club under the laws of the State of New Mexico.

As set forth in the Articles of Incorporation, the Purpose of NWFRPC is to affiliate, compete and conduct its racing pigeon activities in accordance with the American Racing Pigeon Union (hereafter referred to as AU) rules. Members may affiliate with any other club or national organization as an individual as so desired.

NWFRPC shall offer a professional and positive environment for its membership.

Our Club Motto shall be: “To Just Fly”

The direction of flight is as stated in the name: “North West”

Members of the club agree to conduct themselves in friendly, sportsmanlike manner and in accordance with the AU code of ethics and the NWFRPC rules of conduct.

Article II.                  EXPECTATIONS  

NWFRPC will be a member-friendly club.

NWFRPC will develop a” New Mexico Classic Race” IE: futurity auction type race.

Race haulers may take the trailer or carriers, with the pigeons loaded, to their residence, then leave in the morning to the race station.

All reasonable efforts shall be made to fly schedule as voted on by the membership, and to complete the schedule.

Members may fly as many birds as the trailer allows or the membership decides.

Article III.                GOVERNMENT

Section 1.           POWER OF BOARD:

The affairs of the NWFRPC shall be managed by the Board of Directors.

Section 2.          NUMBER OF DIRECTORS:

The number of Directors of NWFRPC shall be not less than three.

Section 3.          Election and Term of Directors:

The first Board of Directors of NWFRPC shall consist of those persons named in the Articles of Incorporation registered with the State of New Mexico.

The Board of Directors shall consist of the members of the Executive Committee of NWFRPC (see Article IV).

Section 4.          Election of Directors:

The Executive Committee, who shall also serve as Directors, shall be elected at the regular Annual meeting in December and shall serve for a period of one year. Newly elected officers shall take charge of their offices on the following Jan 1.

All nominations shall be put forth by the present membership. Nominations for the Board positions may come from the floor.

Majority vote of the membership present determines the elected Directors. All terms are for one year.

Should a Director position be open during the year due to resignation or any other cause, the remaining board members shall appoint a replacement.

Article IV.               COMMITTEES

Section 1.          Committee Formation

The Executive Committee may create committees as needed, such as futurity, fundraising, public relations, data collection, etc. The President appoints all committee chairs. Each committee shall consist of a minimum of two members. Committee vacancies shall be filled by the committee chair and shall be subject to affirmation by the Executive Committee during the annual meeting. The Executive Committee and the Race Committee are defined in these Bylaws because of their special responsibilities. All other committees shall be listed at the NWFRPC website (www.nwfracingpigeonclub.org).

Section 2.          Race Committee

1)           Race Secretary

The Race Secretary, as per AU rule Section 3.04, is an elected position and shall be responsible for the conduct of the club’s races. The Race Secretary shall chair the race committee, consisting of members recommended by the President and approved by the Race Secretary. The Race Secretary, or his/her designee, shall collect race fees and shall pay the drivers of the races as required. The Race Secretary shall determine the race fees prior to each race season.

2)           Race Committee

This committee shall resolve all questions and disputes regarding racing competition. The Race Secretary shall be responsible for conducting and maintaining a record of all loft surveys, He/she shall ensure that racing supplies are adequately maintained. He/she shall coordinate the race liberation’s and make provisions for notifying club members of release times. He/she shall manage all calculations related to race activities, and shall be responsible for publishing race results and of distributing diplomas and awards.

Section 3.          Executive Committee

The four officers serve as the members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall also serve as the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee of NWFRPC shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. A single member may hold up to two offices.

Section 4.          Members of the Executive Committee:

1)           President:

The President shall preside over all regular or special meetings and in such a manner as to transact all business. The President shall break all tie votes and shall appoint committees chairs, including the race secretary, and shall appoint committee members to the chairs. He/she is the spokesperson for the club, and will meet the public should the need arise.

2)           Vice-President:

The Vice-President shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President, and heads up special committees as appointed by the president. The Vice President shall also serve as the club's Constitution and Bylaws Advisor.

3)           Secretary:

The Secretary shall issue notices of the annual and special meetings 15 days in advance, and shall attend and keep the complete minutes of same. A summary of the minutes shall be emailed to all members in good standing within ten (10) days after a meeting. It is the Secretary that will order and issue the bands, and keep the records, in accordance with the policies of the AU. The Secretary is responsible for keeping the Club by-laws and Race Rules current and shall issue revisions to the members. It is the Responsibility of the Secretary to make sure the AU secretary kits with band orders are returned to the AU in a timely manner. The Secretary shall be responsible for all club documents such as incorporation papers, charter, trailer title, and shall keep an inventory of club hardware, such as race computer, club antenna, and club clock, to include item and location of item.

4)           Treasurer.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial assets of the club. He/she shall submit a financial accounting to the membership quarterly, or as directed by the President. The report shall be a hard copy (i.e., paper, not digital) and shall include a list of all funds taken in and expended, as well as the balance. The report shall summarize how much was taken in and expended for each category. Additional duties of the treasurer shall include:

  • File NMGRT taxes once per year
  • Write receipts for all money taken in
  • For all money expended, ensure that an invoice exists. Write a receipt for expense.
  • Petty cash shall be limited to $20. All other money paid out must be by check
  • Deposit all money into the club's checking account
  • The treasurer shall keep a detailed ledger of all withdrawals and deposits. The ledger may be kept either on paper or digitally in a spreadsheet (such as Excel)
  • Ledger headers shall be:


Check #






Date of deposit or withdrawal

If applicable

General fund

Trailer fund

AU bands

Club dues

AU dues

Club supplies

Who the check was made out to or who the deposit was from

Amount of deposit

Amount of withdrawal

Balance in the account after this transaction


Futurity and race fees income and expenses shall be handled by their respective committees, as appropriate.

The Treasurer shall keep the president informed as to any delinquent member accounts, and shall pay the club’s bills with the President’s, or with notification to the president, the Vice President’s or Secretary’s co-signature on all checks exceeding $500. He/she shall keep in his or her custody all books and records pertaining to the club and deposit all monies received for dues, bands, surplus received from shipping or any other sources into the Club’s official bank account. He/she keep bank account signature cards current. At the termination of the treasurer’s office, the Treasurer shall immediately surrender to the President or the new officer, all books, records, and related papers together with such funds or monies in his possession. An audit shall always be made by the incoming Treasurer and the other two (2) members of the board.

Article V.                  MEETINGS:

Section 1.          Annual Club meeting:

The annual Club meeting shall be held in December. The business of that meeting shall include the election of the Board, consideration of any changes to the Constitution and Bylaws; and payment of dues. All Club members shall be provided written or verbal or email notice of the annual meeting at least Fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting.

Section 2.          Special meetings

Special meetings may be called by the Board, if deemed necessary. Notice of such special meetings shall be given each member at least 15 days in advance of the date of the meeting either in writing, personal contact or by a direct phone call or email to the member. A mid-year meeting will be held between the old and young bird seasons.

Section 3.          Order of Business:

The normal order of business at annual club meetings shall include:

  1. Roll Call;
  2. Approval of Agenda;
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting;
  4. Proposals for Membership
  5. Financial Report;
  6. Committee Reports;
  7. Communications
  8. Unfinished Business;
  9. New Business;
  10. Date of next meeting
  11. Good of the Sport
  12. Adjournment


Article VI.               ADMENDMENTS:

Amendments and changes to these By-Laws and Race Rules must be proposed and passed at a regular Club meeting A two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Club members in attendance at the annual meeting shall be required for final passage and adoption of amendments of the Constitution and bylaws. Race direction is NOT amendable

Article VII.             GOVERNANCE POLICY

For the purpose of expediency and to minimize unnecessary meetings, the board may via telephone set policy by consensus, on an as needed basis, as unforeseen or emergency issues may require. These policies may informally remain in effect until the Club meets, at which time they will be subject to adoption, amendment etc. Any Board Member may initiate a policy discussion, keep notes on the position of the Club members and report the result to the other Board Members as to the Clubs position and adoption or rejection of any policy proposals. Policy established by telephone requires all Club members to have a reasonable opportunity (15 days) to be informed, contribute to the discussion, and assent to any policy so adopted by phone. A 2/3 Club membership assent to a policy adopted by phone puts that policy in effect until the next scheduled Club meeting at which time it must be adopted (or amended & adopted) or the policy adopted by phone expires.


All voting shall be by a majority vote of members in attendance. If unable to attend a member may vote in writing by proxy to a Member of the NWFRPC. A majority of the members present has authority to pass motions binding on the absent members.

Article IX.               MEMBERSHIP DUES AND FEES:

Annual dues for members shall be determined at the annual meeting (December) by a majority vote of the Club members present. Club dues, as well as those associated with other organizations, with which the club is affiliated, are due and payable at the time of the annual meeting. A member not paying current year’s dues by March 31st will be dropped as a member, and must reapply to be a member. Members are not allowed to race until dues have been paid.

Section 1.          Annual Dues

1)           Membership Dues

Annual dues shall be used for affiliation dues, and all other necessary Club operating expenses excepting actual racing road related expenses, which are subject to a separate race fee charged to active flyers only. Members who are age 80 and above be given free membership dues for the remainder of their lives. They will only be required to pay AU dues.

2)           Partnership lofts

Partnership lofts shall each pay dues per year in the same manner provided above. Each individual composing the partnership shall each be assessed the annual AU dues as per AU membership policy. (Sec. 210.23). If partners are flying out of same loft and with same module, one fee is assessed.

3)           Junior members

Junior members are defined as those who have not reached their 18th birthday. Junior members shall pay the prescribed AU dues for juniors and will not be required to pay club dues. Junior members will be required to pay all race fees. Junior members may not propose or vote on any Club business.

Section 2.          Annual Fees

The race fee will cover the cost of transportation, which can include fuel costs, as well as meals and motels for races over 200 miles, and are calculated by the Race Secretary prior to each race season.  The Race Secretary may assess a surcharge for members who do not pull a race. Additional fees, as required, will be assessed for the reimbursement of the trailer purchase, maintenance, repair, licensing and insurance. All fees shall be voted on at meetings prior to race seasons.

Article X.                  RACE RULES

Race rules, to be established by the board, special races, diplomas, trophies and other prizes shall be determined by the race committee, provided they do not conflict with the Official AU Race Rules and the NWFRPC constitution.

Race rules, schedules and release times will be reviewed at the pre-race-season meeting (usually in January and June). Copies of the club constitution, bylaws and race rules shall be available on demand. A copy of any rules changes and the race schedule shall be made available to every member as required.

All electronic clocking is by the Unikon system. The computer responsible for merging race data of the club results will be shared with the members. The club unit and computer shall be NWFRPC club property.

As much as is practical, NWFRPC shall fairly and reasonably distributes race hauling responsibilities and its associated expenses among the active flying members or their approved volunteer substitutes. NWFRPC prefers to avoid hiring drivers for pay, which will be utilized only by necessity per policies to be established by the Club. Each flying member will be responsible to drive or provide a driver for his or her share of actual road miles driven. These policies are flexible and the intent is to account in a balanced way for any realistic circumstances of a members work impediments, or handicapped individuals, that both encourages people to fly and is fair to the other flying members of the club.

The NWFRPC club shall provide the required proper training in the care and release of pigeons hauled by its membership or their substitutes. In the event a non­member hired driver is required, this training must first be provided to those person(s) and only known or responsibly vouched for persons of reliable character may be employed.

Shipping limits are determined on the basis of trailer capacity. All efforts will be made to accommodate all Members flying birds.

The Race Liberator (i.e., driver) shall communicate with the Race Secretary within thirty (30) minutes prior to release with the intent to establish release time and conditions. It is the Race Secretary's responsibility to make the final decision regarding the release of the birds.

Club members in good standing who are eighty (80) years old and older are not required to pull a race, and will not be assessed any additional race fees above the standard membership race fee (i.e., if a surcharge is assessed for non-drivers, members who are 80 years old and older shall not be assessed the surcharge).

In the event of a smash race, the next race shall be slipped for one week. A smash race shall be defined as speeds less than 1100 yds/min AND 50% returns by strike off.

Section 1.          Crowding

The birds cannot be crowded in a “packed” manner in the individual members shipping crates for race or training purposes. Each bird must have room to stand in the shipping crate without being forced into physical contact with other birds: when settled down after loading.

Section 2.          Hauling timeline

Haulers must schedule their timeline and release station arrival to provide the birds 30 minutes non-driving pre-release quiet time per race. For races in which the birds are hauled for over five (5) hours immediately prior to release (e.g, the birds are hauled during the night directly to the release point), the non-driving pre-release quiet time should be increased to at least sixty (60) minutes.

Section 3.          Club Membership Guidelines

A person wishing to be considered for NWFRPC membership shall be sponsored by a current member in good standing with the club. The member shall introduce the purposed person to the members in attendance at the first available meeting. A secret ballot vote with a simple majority shall then be taken for approval or rejection by the membership in attendance. Upon payment of club dues and any fees, the purposed members will be welcomed as a new member of the NWFRPC. New members will NOT be able to vote until the next scheduled meeting.

Article XI.               EXPULSION/ SUSPENSION:

A Club member accused of dishonorable conduct as outlined by the AU Rules of Conduct (see Sec14.) or the code of conduct of NWFRPC, shall be notified in writing they must appear before the members at the next club meeting. Such notification to appear shall be in writing at least seven (7) days before the date of the meeting and shall specify the charges. A majority vote of the members would be required to expel or suspend a member. The hearing must follow procedures outlined in the AU’s Constitution and Bylaws (see Sec. 15 Disciplinary Rules), and must assure the charged individual is afforded “due process.” Frivolous complaints, complaints deemed to be harassment, and any false complaint shall be grounds for expulsion of the party bringing the complaint. A member expelled for cause loses all privileges of NWFRPC membership and is not eligible for reinstatement.


Any shortages of funds shall be assessed equally to all members and restored to the Club treasury. In the event of an assessment (select amount), each member may be given the opportunity to pay their portion of the assessment in three or more installments. Any agreement to money given, invested, or loaned to the club must be recorded in the minutes and a written agreement or contract provided, as appropriate, signed by the Club’s Board Members.


The club shall not be dissolved without the consent, in writing, of two-thirds (2/3) of its members, obtained in one and confirmed in another special meeting convened solely for consideration of such dissolution. Upon dissolution, the property of the club shall be disposed of, to the best advantage, and the proceeds, after all bills and obligations have been paid, shall be divided equally among all members in good standing.

Article XIV.          RULES OF CONDUCT

All NWFRPC members are to be civil to fellow members in association with all club business and any club function.

Adults will respect junior members and will treat these youngsters with dignity. Absolutely no abuse of junior’s members will be tolerated. The children will be helped, encouraged and praised only, and never to be made to feel inadequate or otherwise have their feelings hurt.

Smoking is permitted only out of doors and at a reasonable distance away from non smokers and children.

Article XV.            BY-LAWS AMENDED

Section 1.         

12/20/09  As voted on by the membership: Amendments, the direction of flight for the old bird season will be from the North West direction and is not amendable. The direction of flight for the young bird season will be decided by a vote of the Club membership prior to the season.

Section 2.         

2/16/2013  The By-Laws of NWFRPC were amended to be consistent with the state regulations regarding non-profit organizations, to remove specificity regarding fees, which will be set by the club at meetings, and to set a consistent age for waiving membership fees for senior members. Additional formatting changes were also incorporated. In addition, duties of the President were modified from “shall automatically be on all committees in an advisory capacity” to “shall appoint committees chairs, including the race secretary, and shall appoint committee members to the chairs.”

Section 3.         

5/24/2014  The By-Laws of the NWFRPC were amended to be consistent with AU Rules. In particular, the wording for ARTICLE VI, Section 2: the Race Secretary is an elected position.

Section 4.         

3/19/2016  The By-Laws of the NWFRPC were amended to better define Executive Committee members duties, in particular Treasurer and Secretary positions; to better define Race Secretary position; and to better define race fees and race rules, to add a provision for 80 year old and older members not being required to pull a race, to add a provision in case of smash races; and define communications between race Liberator and the Race Secretary.