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Sunday, 11 December 2016 19:36

Notes from Meeting Dec 10, 2016

North West Flyers Racing Pigeon Club

Minutes from Dec 10, 2016, prepared by Sue

Called to order at 1:15 PM

Attendees: Jack, Sue, Phil, John, Victor, Mario

Minutes and Treasurer's report read and approved

Awards for YB presented:

  • Overall a very good race season.
  • Futurity went well with 4 in-club winners and 6 out-of-area winners. Phil took 1st place trophy.
  • Average speed plaque went to Phil.

Election of Officers:

  • Motion to combine Secretary and Treasurer into one position made, seconded, and approved
  • Vote to re-elect current officers passed
    • Jack: President
    • Larry: Vice President
    • Sue: Secretary/Treasurer
    • Phil: Race Secretary

Futurity Chair

  • Motion for Jack to continue as Futurity Chair made, seconded, and approved

Futurity Changes

  • Motion: Auction off the first 10 winning birds starting at $20 each; the handler will get 40%, breeder 40%, and club 20%; open to anyone; if no one bids on a bird, the handle will buy it for $20. Motion seconded and passed.
  • Motion: If a person is going to handle out-of-area birds, he/she must enter a minimum of two of his/her own birds in the futurity. Motion seconded and passed.
  • Action Item: Run an ad for the fu in the Pigeon Bulletin. Price for b/w full page, one time ad is $280 (price for half-page ad unknown - we could run half-page ad twice). Sue will create two ad for the clubs approval at the next meeting, one for full page and one for half page.

2017 OB Schedule




April 22, 2017

Angel Peak


April 29, 2017



May 6, 2017



May 13, 2017



May 20 2017

Burmester, UT



New Members:

  • Victor Alverez and Tim Tonkinson: Sponsored by Phil, Memberships voted on and approved

Next Meeting

  • January 14, 2017
  • Dues will be collected at that time
    • $25 for AU Dues
    • $30 for Club Dues

Meeting adjourned at 2:16