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Sunday, 09 December 2018 15:32

Notes from Meeting Dec 8, 2018


Attendees: Phil Wilson, Gary Miller, Ray Garde, Jack Babcock, Sue Babcock
Called to order: 12:15PM

Minutes of May 26, 2018 meeting read and approved
Treasurer’s report read and approved

Old Business: need water/feed system for new aluminum crates. Gary said he would look at them whenever Phil can bring one of the crates down to him.

2018 Young Bird Season: Jack stated is was an okay season from his standpoint
Phil stated that many clubs (Denver, Detroit, Las Cruces) had terrible seasons. No one sure why.
YB Certificates were handed out. 

New Business: Ray stated that Mr. Lasandro passed away, and his birds are available

Election of Officers: Gary nominated exciting officers to serve for another year. Seconded and approved. Officers for 2019 are:
President: Jack Babcock
VP: Larry Lucero
Secretary/Treasurer: Sue Babcock
Race Secretary: Phil Wilson

Next meeting is tentatively scheduled for January 26, 2019

Adjourned: 12:48PM