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Sunday, 23 June 2019 00:22

Notes from Meeting June 22, 2019


Attendees: Phil, Gary M, Mario, John, Jack, Sue

Called to order: 12:10PM


Minutes from Jan 26, 2019 meeting read. Phil moved to accept, Gary M seconded, motion passed

Treasurer’s report read. John moved to accept, Phil seconded, motion passed


Old Business

Aluminum crates – Phil need to take them over to Gary M

Awards from 2019 OB season handed out:

                      First place race winners

                                Nageezi: John
                                Angel Peak: Jack
                                Cortez: Jack
                                Monticello: Jack
                                Green River: Gary A
                                Price: Jack

                                Average Speed: Jack
                                Champion Bird: John
                                Champion Loft: Jack
                                Master Loft: John

This was a very tough race season with a lot of losses


New Business

AU Bands – 300 NWF bands have been ordered

Chip Bands – motion to order 400 made by Phil. John seconded. Motion carried.

Bond Race

Note that this bond race is open to all pigeon flyers in the Albuquerque area. You do not have to be a NWFRPC member to buy bonds.

Station - Green River, Utah

Date: - 1st or 2nd weekend in November

Entry Fee: $25 per bond payable no later than Oct 1, 2019

Payout: -              1st place 50% of total

2nd place 30% of total

3rd place 20% of total

If no birds come in within the timeframe established by AU rules, payout will go to club. Also – if only one bird comes in, it will get 100% of payout. If two birds come in, the payout will be 60% for 1st and 40% for 2nd.

On about October 27, 2019 (at strike-off for the Monticello or Moab race - TBD) a form will be issued for each person who has purchased bonds. You must list your birds on the form by the end of the day on October 28, 2019. You may email or hand deliver your form to Phil Wilson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). If you have any questions contact Phil Wilson or Jack Babcock.


YB Schedule

Phil proposed following schedule




Oct 5, 2019



Oct 12, 2019

Angel Peak

Cesar or Phil

Oct 19, 2019



Oct 26, 2019



Nov 2, 2019


Gary M

Nov 9, 2019

Green River


Jack moved to accept schedule, John seconded. Motion carried.


12:57 Adjourn