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Tuesday, 25 August 2020 16:21

Notes from Meeting Jun 20, 2020

Attendees: Jack, John, Phil, Gary M, Mario, Sue 

Called to order: 1:19PM

Minutes from Feb 1, 2020 meeting read. John moved to approved. Minutes accepted.

Treasurer’s report (attached) read. John moved to approved. Minutes accepted. 


Old Birds

Phil handed out diplomas from 2020 OB season.

                Champion Loft: Gary Miller
                Champion Bird: John Selling
                Average Speed: 3rd John Stelling, 2nd Jack Babcock, 1st Phil Wilson


New Business:

Direction of Flight:  YB direction of flight was voted to be Northwest.

Race Schedule: Gary moved, John seconded, to have the following schedule. The club voted to approved




Oct 3, 2020



Oct 10, 2020

Angel Peak

Cesar (tentative)

Oct 17, 2020



Oct 24, 2020


Gary Miller

Oct 31, 2020



Nov 7, 2020

Angel Peak


Nov 14, 2020

Green River

Gary Miller


Bond Race: Jack moved and it was seconded and approved by the club: We will operate under the same rules as used in 2019:

Note that this bond race is open to all pigeon flyers in the Albuquerque area. You do not have to be a NWFRPC member to buy bonds.

Station - Green River, Utah

Date: - November 14, 2020

Entry Fee: $25 per bond payable no later than Oct 1, 2019

Payout: -              1st place 50% of total

2nd place 30% of total

3rd place 20% of total

If no birds come in within the timeframe established by AU rules, payout will go to club. Also – if only one bird comes in, it will get 100% of payout. If two birds come in, the payout will be 60% for 1st and 40% for 2nd.

On November 9, each flyer must give his list of his birds by the end of the day. You may email or hand deliver your list to Phil Wilson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). If you have any questions contact Phil Wilson.


Club voted to remove Article XV, Section 1. Article XV, Section 6 of the bylaws reads “As voted on by the membership: The direction of flight for the old bird and young bird seasons will be from the North West direction.


Old Business:

Small Trailer: Gary moved, Phil seconded, and club approved for the club to buy the small trailer Jack owns for our club.

Modifying Trailer: Phil moved, John seconded, and club approved for Gary M to make 4 addition crates for small trailer and to modify existing crates for feeding and watering, costs not to exceed $400.


New Member:

The club welcomes Tim Brake as a new member.


Meeting Adjourned at 2:12PM