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Attendees: Jack Babcock, Sue Babcock, John Stelling, Gary Miller, Phil Wilson, Mario Luna and new member Earl Tonkingson

Awards and Diplomas for 2015 OB season handed out by Phil Wilson
            Champion Loft: Gary Miller
            Champion Bird: John Stelling
            Average Speed: Phil Wilson
            Master Loft: Phil Wilson


  • Jay reports that we do have the charter.
  • NMRPC paid the $25 fee.
  • Each club will have its own results
  • In addition there will be the combine results
  • Need to make sure names are the same in the members’ modules and in Unicon
  • Combine flying fees are non-refundable.
  • NMRPC will track fees and costs

Congratulations to Jay Taylor for taking 1st and 2nd places and to Gary Miller for taking 3rd, 4th, and 5th places in the 2014 NWF Futurity. Great job!

Meeting called to order at 1:10PM

Attendees: Phil Wilson, Gary Miller, John McCollough, Jay Taylor, John Stelling, Jack Babcock, Sue Babcock

Schedule for Young Bird presented, discussed, modified and finalized as follows:

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